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Top 7 Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Selecting the right roofing contractor takes the stress out of installing a new roof or repairing damage to your current roof. Please go over the questions to ask any prospective contractor with our team at Superior Roofing. Then, get additional information by calling us at 434-284-3981.

#1: Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

The experts recommend that you only work with contractors who have the appropriate insurance and licensing. For example, professionals in Charlottesville, VA, should only employ bonded roofing technicians and carry insurance.

#2: Is Your Business Local?

Many homeowners want to hire local roofing contractors. Local businesses can get to your property quickly to repair your roof. They also understand any concerns that are unique to your community.

Ensure that you find out where the contractor is located before you agree to any services.

#3: How Long Have You Been in Business?

Experience matters for roofing contractors. A company may guarantee that it can handle your project. However, if the contractors have never completed a similar job, they may run into problems the roofers don’t know how to resolve.

We also recommend asking whether the company has experience with your specific type of roof. Some companies specialize in:

●     Asphalt Shingles

●      Slate roofs

●      Metal roofs

You may secure the best possible results by working with a roofer who has experience in the industry.

#4: If I Have a Problem, Can I Talk to the Owner?

Some roofing firms get so large that you end up dealing with technicians at every stage of the project. While some property owners don’t mind this situation, it’s always good to know that you can go directly to the owner with your concerns.

Independent contractors often provide you with more hands-on care in the roofing industry.

#5: Can You Give Me References?

You want to work with a roofing firm that has good reviews. Ask your roofer for information about past clients who can provide you with information about how the work turned out.

#6: How Do You Protect My Property?

Every homeowner experiences concerns about unforeseen damage during roofing installation or repairs. High winds, storms, or on-the-job accidents could leave you with roof or house damage.

Please find out how the roofing firm plans to ensure a safe work site while performing its services.

#7: What Is the Warranty on Your Work and Products?

Roofing firms should stand by any asphalt roofing or supplies they use to repair or replace your roof. Any roofers should also stand by their work for several years. They may also perform inspections when they finish the job to ensure that everything is completed properly.

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You have the power to select the roofing contractors you want to handle your needs in Charlottesville, VA. Start getting answers to your questions by contacting our team at Superior Roofing. You can easily reach us by calling 434-284-3981.Get the help you need from our qualified and experienced roofing technicians. Also, check out our financing options.