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Tips on How to Prevent a Leaking Roof

Preventing a roof leak can extend the life of your roof and help you avoid water damage inside your home. You can review tips for keeping your entire roof in good condition by reaching out to Superior Roofing. Contact us at (434) 284-3981 to learn more about regular roof maintenance.

Ways to Prevent a Roof Leak

You can take steps to avoid roof repairs by preventing a leak from developing.

Preserve the Gutter System

Gutters move water away from your roof. Clogged gutters may allow for roof penetrations by standing water, so we recommend keeping your roof system cleaned out. Even a small leak along the gutters can allow water into your attic, ceiling, or walls.

Address Rust Quickly

You may notice rust around roofing nails in some situations. We recommend checking for roof damage in this situation. Rust may indicate that you have a leak that a professional roofing contractor can step in to fix.

Fix Damaged Shingles

The professionals recommend that you check your roof surface for evidence of damaged shingles on a regular basis. Cracked, curled, or missing shingles may lead to leaky roofs. Shingles work to keep water out of your house, and damaged shingles cannot perform this task.

Repair Damaged Flashing

Flashing connects different parts of your roof, like roof vents and skylights. This flashing may sustain damage in severe weather or due to the wear and tear of time. A roof inspection may reveal broken seams that can allow leaks from rain and snow melts. Looking for issues with flashing can allow you to get your roof repaired quickly.

Keep Trees Trimmed

The trees on your property may drop branches, damaging your roofing material along with other plant leaves and particles. You can prevent the need for roof repair by keeping trees and other large plants trimmed back from your home.

You can use a garden hose to spray off leaves and branches that have already fallen on your roof.

Inspect Your Roof After Stormy Weather

Storms can damage your fascia board, corner boards, and shingles. You can perform a visual check after a storm to see if you notice any shingles missing. You can also look for water stains on your ceiling, which may indicate a leak you could not spot from the outside of your house.

Your Options to Handle a Leaky Roof

Taking these steps can help you avoid a leaky roof. However, in some cases, leaks develop despite all your efforts. In this situation, you may contact a roofing company to schedule repairs to get your leak fixed. You may even get a new roof installed.

Call a Roofing Contractor to Handle Roof Leaks

Do you want help with roof leak repair? Speaking to the right contractor can help you with roof replacement or repairs. Our team at Superior Roofing in Virginia can step in to assess your needs. After the repair process, we’ll make sure to get your roof inspected so you feel confident. Contact us at (434) 284-3981 to learn more.