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Things to Consider When Doing Siding Replacement

Things to COmsider When Doing Siding ReplacementSiding is a common feature of North American homes, especially in areas prone to extreme weather conditions. It is the material covering the external walls of the home. While it gives the home a beautiful finish, siding is not only there for aesthetic purposes, but to protect the home too. The number one function is to guard against water penetration, but siding is also great for shielding against wind and thereby providing some aid in terms of energy and costs. 

Superior Roofing in Charlottesville, VA is proud to offer services in home siding. But before you replace your siding, here’s a list of the things you should do before you embark on the not-so-small project. 

Establish whether you need repairs or a replacement

Minor cracks and slight hail damage to your home’s siding is pretty common, and can easily be repaired if identified within time. However, if these have persisted over a longer time, it may be worth considering a replacement given what could have accumulated beneath the damage. Another factor to consider in the repair vs. replace decision is the age of the existing siding. If it’s already decades-old then it’d definitely be a good idea to replace as this will save you costs in the long run, despite the bigger upfront cost. 

Assess all the related elements of your home

Once you’ve opted for siding replacement, it’s important that you assess the health of other parts of the home like the roof, gutters, windows and shutters. You’d want to get a professional roofing company or building contractor in to do a thorough assessment on what needs work now, and what can wait. 

Replace your roof

If you establish that your roof also needs work or a replacement, then make sure that the roof replacement is done before the siding replacement. There are some elements, like flashings, that will integrate into the roof and siding, which, if done on the sidings first, would almost create double work. In addition, this also minimizes chances of damage to the new siding if the roof is replaced at a later stage. 

Remove wall hangings

Once you and your contractor are ready to move ahead with the siding replacement, you should start preparing your home for the work. The removal and replacement is bound to cause vibrations so it’s best to remove all wall hangings and fragile items from their surfaces. This is a vital step in order to avoid an otherwise chaotic situation inside the home.