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Quality Roofing in 8 Steps

The day has finally arrived for your new roof. You’ll be getting a brand new roof that will provide years of comfort. But did he or she take you through the replacement procedure in detail? has been providing roof repair and installation in Charlottesville for years. When you choose us, you’ll never have to worry about your roof again. I understand that getting a new roof may be frightening; that’s why I’ll go through the procedure step by step so you know exactly what to expect on the day it’s installed. Your roof is such an important part of your home’s exterior, and we’ll make sure it gets done right the first time.

You’ll learn what steps your contractor takes to replace your roof, from obtaining the materials to the cleanup procedure, at the conclusion of this post.

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How to Replace a Roof in 8 Easy Steps

Your roof’s lifespan is determined by the day it is installed. It must be constructed using suitable roofing methods to provide you with peace of mind.

Replacing your roof is not always cheap. Some contractors may cut corners or ignore the smallest details of a roof replacement project. You should understand that proper roof installation is critical to preserving your roof investment before we get into the steps for replacing your roof.

The procedure for installing a roof will vary from contractor to contractor, but reputable roofing contractors will find the process straightforward.

  • The roofing materials for your home will be delivered to you.

Getting all of the roofing supplies to your property is the first step in having your roof replaced. Roofers usually deliver them the day before or the morning of your replacement, as shown above.

asphalt shingle delivery

The type of roofing material you choose will determine the size of your roof. They should be kept in a dry location close to the access point while they’re being transported.

Don’t let the contractor give you materials more than one day before they’re needed. You don’t want pallets of shingles on your lawn, killing your grass.

  • Getting your automobiles out of the way

As soon as your contractor arrives at your property, they’ll make sure all of the vehicles are out of your garage or driveway. If you don’t plan on using the car in the garage during the replacement, there’s no need to move it.

This is something your contractor does so you can go about your business as usual. They don’t want to prevent you or your family from doing anything normal. It also ensures that any stray debris that falls off your roof doesn’t damage your cars.

  • Setting Up Home Security

After the roofer has secured your property, he or she will begin removing the old roof. For example, they’ll start tarping the ground for the dump zone and laying tarps over your bushes and landscaping.

Residential roofing company delivering roofing materials

This is where your contractor takes all the appropriate precautions to ensure that they are safeguarding your home during a roof replacement. It’s also a good idea to secure items on the inside, as discussed in our article: How do I protect my house while a roof replacement occurs?

  • Your old roof will be removed

When your contractor is finished, they’ll begin removing your old roof in parts. They’ll start on the furthest corner of your roof from your driveway so that they’re continuously moving towards the dump trailer and fresh supplies.

After a portion of the old roof has been removed, some installers will remain behind to begin installing your new roof while others continue removing it. This saves time and minimizes traffic on your roof since they do not need to go back and forth to the supplier.

  • Your gutters will be cleaned, and your drains will be unblocked

Your gutters will be cleaned out as soon and as thoroughly as possible once a piece has been torn off and cleaned up. Any roofing debris from the tear-off, leaves and other objects that may block your gutters will be removed.

Even if your roof is still in good shape, clean gutters on a regular basis as part of annual roof maintenance to avoid clogged gutters and debris build-up.

  • Your roofing contractor will begin installing your materials.

Your professional will begin by tearing off the old asphalt shingle roof and clearing out your gutters. Your contractor will next install your new asphalt shingle roof after carefully removing each section.

They’ll lay the underlayment and install the drip edge once a section of it has been ripped off. They’ll start installing your starter shingles and shingles, depending on the weather, using your chosen installation technique.

When they’re done with the shingles, they’ll apply all of the ridge cappings. All of the required vents for your roof’s ventilation system will be one of the last things your contractor finishes.

Remember, the life of your roof is only as long as the installation’s workmanship. To get the most out of your roof replacement, you should always invest in high-quality roofing materials.

  • Removing the debris after replacing it

After the new roof has been put in place, your contractor will begin the cleanup process. They’ll blow off your roof to ensure that all debris goes down on the dump tarp. They’ll also clear out your gutters and downspouts, which may have trapped any roofing debris. After they’ve departed from your building, they’ll spend time cleaning up all of the work areas. This can include sweeping sidewalks and decks, power washing walkways and patios, putting away ladders, and unloading dumpsters.

  • Examining their workmanship

Your contractor will double-check the finished product after your roof has been replaced and your property has been cleaned up. They’ll go on your roof, take a look around, and ensure that the quality of the roof meets your high expectations when it comes to roofs.

They’ll double-check the areas that are recognized to leak frequently (around penetrations, skylights, chimneys, etc.) and ensure they’re properly safeguarded. Regardless of who you choose as a contractor, they should always check their workmanship to verify that your roof was correctly installed and that all relevant regulations were followed.

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You’re undoubtedly wondering how long it’ll take to replace your roof after learning the procedure. That depends on a variety of things, including the weather and accessibility to the roof. But keep in mind that speed isn’t more important than quality.

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