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Laminated Shingles vs 3-Tab Shingles: What’s Best for your Roof?

Laminated Shingles vs 3-tab shingles: what's best for your roofAsphalt shingles has grown rapidly in its popularity as a reliable, cost-effective roofing option. It is available in a great many varieties and can be customised to the homeowner’s specific preference. 

The two most common types of asphalt shingle roofing are three-tab shingles and laminated shingle roofing. Below is a breakdown of each. What you decide is best for your home’s roof will depend on budget, desire for a more premium look, and often your home’s design and structure. 

Laminated shingle roofing

  • One of laminated shingles’ biggest appeals is that they come in various shapes and sizes, so there is not a uniform or standard look. 
  • They have a guarantee of at least 30 years. 
  • Can easily mimic the look of more premium roofing alternatives like cedar or slate, at a fraction of the cost. 
  • More durable than three-tab shingle roofing because of its thickness. This also makes it less likely to curl.
  • The thickness also makes it heavier, which must be taken into consideration in terms of whether the home’s structure can manage the weight. 
  • Architectural shingles is the more expensive of the two, but your investment will have show a greater return in terms of longevity. 

Three-tab shingle roofing 

  • While laminated shingles offer variety, three-tab shingles only come in one size and shape.
  • Three-tab shingles present a really affordable roofing option, and is the less expensive option of the two.
  • They don’t fair very well in terms of durability, especially because they are much less thicker than laminated shingles, so will likely have to be repaired or replaced often. 
  • Since they are made of less material, three-tab shingles are more lightweight, which could be a necessity for certain home structures that can’t bear heavy roof weight.

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