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How Commercial Roof Replacements Work

Roof replacements do happen over time and will need to be done when they become damaged far beyond repair. If you have a commercial roof, it is likely that you have items on the top of your roof like water to your building or AC units. Sometimes in the event of a storm, parts of these can fly off and cause damage to the structure of your roof. Many brands like American Standard, for example, have warranties to protect situations like this. Below are a few reasons that you may need to have a roof replacement done.

Why You Might Need a Roof Replacement

Water Damage – Water damage can do a lot more than you would believe. Especially on flat roofing where water can sit for long periods of time and not have anywhere to flow to. If this continues to happen, you may want to think about our commercial roofing so that we can get someone out there to see what can be done about this problem.

Age – The age of your roof plays a big factor in what will start going wrong with it. If it is over a certain amount of time, it may just be that time has worn it down and you are ready to have a new roof put on it.

Storm Damage – Storm damage comes out of nowhere and sometimes if you have thongs on your roof and they start to blow around, it can cause major damage to the top of your roof. If winds are strong enough, there are even times that proofs can be lifted right off of your building.

Tears – There are occasions when tears can occur on a roof. If you have something like a single ply roof and it develops a small team, it can grow and grow until you are opening yourself up to indoor damage as well.

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