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Common Summer Roofing Problems in Charlottesville

Every season brings unique challenges to homeowners, particularly to their roofs. Your roof is the first line of protection from nature’s fury, and it can take a severe battering from adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. When a problem arises, it can be challenging to know how to solve it.

At Superior Roofing, we’re delighted to provide you with a free estimate, but we also want to help you to be a more informed homeowner. Today we’ll examine some of the problems you might experience with your roof during the summer in Charlottesville.

During the summer months, your roof will get a ton of sunlight, and that isn’t always a good thing. The summer heat is problematic since the sun’s UV rays can damage your roof.
The most popular roofing materials contain oils. These oils help the material to retain its flexibility and help it adapt to the changing seasons. Unfortunately, the heat of the summer sun sucks the oil and residual moisture right out of these materials, causing them to weaken. As they lose their strength, they become brittle and break off, exposing your roof to damage from the rain.
The sun’s UV rays also accelerate the decay of roofing materials. If there’s any other damage to your roof, the sun will magnify that, too.

Poor Ventilation
A hidden culprit for roof damage is your home’s ventilation system. As your HVAC system runs to cool your home, it causes the temperature in your attic to fluctuate. When it’s cooler inside your attic beneath the roof, and it’s hot outside, moisture and condensation will collect. Over time, this can accumulate and result in damage to your roof’s structure as well as your home’s insulation.

Summer storms are a common occurrence here in Charlottesville, and everyone knows that these storms can wreak havoc upon the roof. Tiles and shingles can be ripped off by the wind with the resulting gap in protection, allowing rain to leak in. Storms can also damage trees, and broken branches can fall right through your roof.

If you’ve ever looked at your roof during the summer and thought it looked a little green, the chances are that moss is growing there. The warmth and moisture that abound during the summer months create an ideal climate for organisms to take up residence on your roof. As they grow, they form moss and algae. Not only does this make your roof appear green, but it also causes damage to your roofing materials.

Many homeowners have been surprised to find a raccoon or squirrel taking up residence in the attic. As a rule, these mischievous creatures make their way in through a damaged roof. To prevent this from becoming a problem, you should make sure to keep trees trimmed back and keep gutters clean.
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