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6 Signs You Need A New Roof Now

Your roof may last for many years, especially if you perform regular maintenance. However, eventually, you may start to wonder if you need a new roof. Review signs that indicate problems with your old roof with our team at Superior Roofing. You can contact us for more information at (434) 284-3981.

Signs to Consider Roof Replacement

#1: You Experienced Storm Damage

A significant storm can wreak damage on your roof. High winds can lift, crack, or tear away singles, leaving you with leaks and considerable damage. In some cases, you may complete roof repairs, but sometimes the existing roof sustains too much damage to fix.

#2: The Roofline Sags

A sag or dip in your roofline may indicate a structural issue with your home, or it could show that you have water saturating your roofing deck. In either situation, a roofing contractor may suggest replacing the roof.

#3: Shingles Are Curling or Missing

Any form of damage to your existing shingles may require you to contact a roof company for a replacement. Other roofing materials often last longer, encouraging property owners to consider:

  •     Tile roofing
  •     Slate roofing
  •     Metal roofing

#4: You Have Interior Water Damage

Have you found water dripping from your ceiling? Leaks in a shingle roof may lead to significant water damage, necessitating roof removal by professional roofers.

#5: Moss or Discoloration on Your Shingles

Moss holds moisture close to your roof materials, like architectural shingles. Eventually, the moisture can damage the shingles and the material below, like insulation and your home’s wooden frame.

#6: Torn and Broken Shingles

You may want to consider a new roof if you notice your shingles breaking or tearing. These effects may occur even if you have a flat roof due to time and the effects of the elements. Speak with roofing contractors if you notice broken shingles.

Roofing Materials for a New Roof

If you decide you want a new roof installed, you have several options to consider for materials:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt represents one of the most common kinds of roof material. Shingles often have a lower average cost per square foot than other materials. However, keeping your roof costs low may lead your roof to wear out more quickly over time.

Metal and Other Materials

Metal roofs have a reputation for lasting a long time. You may also consider stone, rubber, or stone-coated steel for your roofing installation. You can get a roof estimate for a metal roof by contacting local professionals. While these roofs still require regular maintenance, they often last a lot longer than roofs with shingles.

Ask About Roofing Material for a New Roof

You can select the material you want if you contact Superior Roofing for roof installation services. We strive to be your first choice when you look for a “roofing company near me.” Our technicians can assess the state of your roof. In some cases, we may carry out repairs, or we can begin a roof replacement. Find out more by calling (434) 284-3981.