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4 Key Points To Look For in a Roofing Quote

Typically, most homeowners consider getting a roof replacement or roof repair a stressful task. But getting a quote doesn’t have to be. The most reliable roofing contractors will inspect your existing roof and provide a detailed roofing quote. A quote should include essential information on the project requirements, process, timeline, and costs.

Consider different companies’ quotes and ask questions to find the best roofing solution.

Roofing Estimate Inclusions

Start with a new roof estimate from your local roofing contractor. Your friends and family may have recommendations. Stay away from overly eager companies, as this can indicate they primarily focus on money and not providing clients excellent service.

Different companies include different things in their roof replacement quote. Contact information, service descriptions, costs, and more are the most crucial elements to include. Look over each quote before choosing a company to ensure you’ll get high-quality workmanship at an affordable price.

Company Contact Information

After making your final decision, you’ll need to confirm the proposed services with the company. Estimates should contain the contact information for each company, including the phone number, physical address, and email address.

Avoid roofing contractors that are not transparent. Your roofing contractor should be licensed and insured, while roofers should have adequate training and pass background checks. Quotes should also display their licenses and necessary permissions for your project.

Detailed Work Description and Timeline

Your roof estimate should also include a detailed work description. A knowledgeable roofing contractor will explain every step in detail and mention the required materials for each. In each quote, you should look for:

·         Locations of old roof damage

·         Proposed installation method

·         Roofing material included, such as roofing shingles or metal panels

·         Type of roof vent they’ll install

·         Locations for roof flashing

·         How many layers they’ll tear off your roof

·         And more

If your project needs completion by a specific date, the quote should also include your roofing project start and completion date. Roof estimates may also have the date of the initial inspection. For accuracy, get a current roof estimate if yours is older than six months.


Consider the guarantees and service expectations each estimate offers. Estimates should set expectations for cleanup and overall service, feature manufacturer warranties for materials, and have a workmanship warranty. With a satisfaction guarantee, the right service can extend your roof’s life significantly.

Final Roofing Cost

The roofing materials, time requirements, and labor will affect your roof replacement estimate. It’s essential that your roofing estimate details costs for each step of installing your new roof.

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