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4 Causes Roof Discoloration

Want to find out what causes roof discoloration? You can explore the most common causes of this issue with our team at Superior Roofing. We can also help you review options to handle roof stains here in Virginia when you call (434) 284-3981.

Reasons for Discoloration of Roof Shingles

Roofing experts have identified four primary reasons for roof marks, and each of these causes requires different handling. In many cases, you can remove the discoloration without having to replace your roof. However, in some cases, you may find a replacement necessary.

Algae on Asphalt Shingles

Sometimes, we find blue-green algae growth on roofs. Algae stains may appear as black marks. Roof algae can grow on a new roof in the right circumstances. You can take steps to prevent algae by using algae-resistant shingles, which help repel algae spores.

You may also power wash the roof surface to eliminate roof algae in some situations. Seeking professional advice before you wash the surface of your roof can prevent additional problems. In some cases, the circumstances may not require washing.

Roof Age

Older homes may develop black roof stains. These black streaks can appear on an asphalt shingle roof as it approaches the end of its lifespan. The professionals call these dark streaks “asphalt bleed through.”

These stains appear on roofing shingles as the black color of the asphalt makes its way up through the shingle. Generally, these black stains are an unavoidable part of the aging process for your entire roof. Unlike algae, power washing may not remove this kind of roof staining.

Exposure to Tree Debris

Leaves and branches may fall on your asphalt roof or other roofing materials. Tree debris may cause roof damage and leave behind dark marks that resemble black algae stains. A roofing company may repair the damage and remove the marks.

Rust Stains Metal Roofs

Shingles represent only one option to use for roofing surfaces. Some homeowners have a metal roof instead. These roofs may eventually develop stains due to water and moisture – even galvanized sheet metal may eventually show marks from water damage.

Treating Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Do you want to address discoloration on your roof? You have options to handle stains on your lower or upper roof or on materials like the metal flashing around the rooftop. In some cases, pressure washing can remove these stains.

However, you should approach pressure washing carefully. Using too much pressure can remove copper granules from the shingles, washing them away. You can contact the professionals to get a roof inspection about the type of damage to your roof.

Contact a Roofing Company About Discoloration

Would you like professional help handling stains on your roof? You can look for a “roofing company near me” to get help in Virginia. Our team at Superior Roofing can step in to assist with rust stains, algae, and age-related discoloration. Contact us at (434) 284-3981 to set up an appointment.